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 KW created the last few months KW created the last few months

 KW created the last few months

 KW created the last few months.  

 I made this quilt for my granddaughter's 3rd birthday. It has over 2200 little rectangles. The pattern is from a Bonnie Hunter book. I used fabric from my stash, from Hilda's stash (Allison's great-grandma) and a little bit from her mom's stash. 

The back has several of Hilda's orphan blocks and some other pieces of fabric from her stash. It was given to Allison on her birthday and she was excited to put it on her bed.  SR


Here are a few items I've worked on since the pandemic. The one is 'Optical Illusion' and measures 49 x 72. 
I saw this on facebook and there wasn't a pattern. I took graph paper and made my own pattern. I used mostly
my 'leaders and enders'.DT

 This picture has several table toppers that will be Christmas gifts. DT